Yoshirotten – Sun

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  1. Yoshirotten exhibition
    Photo: YoshirottenPrevious Yoshirotten exhibition at Gasbon Metabolism, Yamanashi
  2. Yoshirotten – Sun
    Photo: Yoshirotten
  3. Yoshirotten exhibition
    Photo: Yoshirotten

Time Out says

Japanese graphic artist and art director Yoshirotten is taking over a massive 2,000sqm parking lot at the Japan National Stadium for his large-scale installation titled ‘Sun’. The installation will feature dozens of monolithic ‘suns’ with images showcased on giant LED screens and through projections paired with ambient music.

Yoshirotten's 'Sun' series consists of 365 images of the sun that were coloured using digital tools. Each drawing is unique in that it represents the sun reflecting the different colours of its surroundings for an entire year from January 1 to December 31.

If you’re mesmerised by Yoshirotten’s artwork, all 365 sun images are now available online and can be purchased through different mediums including aluminium print, vinyl records, books and NFTs.


Opening hours:
Sat 12noon-9pm, Sun 12noon-5pm
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