Yoshiyuki Okuyama: As the Call, So the Echo

Art, Photography
奥山由之「As the Call, So the Echo」
奥山由之「As the Call, So the Echo」
奥山由之「As the Call, So the Echo」

One of Japan's hottest young photographers, Yoshiyuki Okuyama won the Canon-sponsored New Cosmos of Photography award in 2011 while still in university. The 26-year-old has developed his individualistic, dreamy style further since then, carving out a space for himself on Tokyo's art scene with regular exhibits, commercial work and even short films. Now landing at the Yoshihiko Ueda-curated Gallery 916, Okuyama is zooming in on poetic scenes from daily life with 'As the Call, So the Echo', which is also the title of his latest monograph.


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