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If your kids have been misbehaving, why not reprimand them with a day at Kidzania, where they can spend time in a miniaturized, fully branded Coca-Cola bottling plant, a burger store or a bank, or they can emulate more exciting careers such as firefigher or magician. And if child labour and brand indoctrination aren’t dubious enough themes, your offspring can spend their mock earnings via a Kidzania credit card. Kidzania is a Japanese-language theme-park, and some ‘careers’ require Japanese fluency to participate, but staff can assist international visitors. Activities are designed for ages 2-12.


Venue name: Kidzania
Address: Lalaport Toyosu 2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku

Transport: Toyosu Station (Yurakucho line, Yurikamome)
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