Sengaku-ji Temple

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Photo: Cowardlion/Dreamstime

The most interesting thing about this temple is its connection with one of Japan’s most famous stories – that of the 47 samurai attached to Lord Ako. After he drew his sword on a rival, Kira Yoshinaka, in Edo Castle, Ako was ordered to commit seppuku (death by ritual disembowelment). He was buried here. His 47 loyal followers then became ronin, or samurai without a master, bent on avenging his death. They killed Kira and were then themselves permitted to die in the same manner as their master, and to be buried close to him, also at Sengaku-ji. Their tombs are at the top of a flight of steps. Follow the smoke trails from the incense left by well-wishers.


Venue name: Sengaku-ji Temple
Address: 2-11-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku

Transport: Sengakuji Station (Asakusa line), exit A2
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