Asahi Beer Oktoberfest in Hibiya 2013

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Asahi Beer Oktoberfest in Hibiya 2013

Time Out says

Sure, we've managed to extract some mild amusement from the spate of Oktoberfests that have cropped up around Tokyo over the summer – but if they showed scant regard for seasonality, at least they had the decency to serve the right beer. With the real Oktoberfest starting in Munich in a few weeks' time, Tokyoites can mark the occasion with foaming pints of that most prized Teutonic tipple, Asahi Super Dry. Er... what? In a grudging concession to authenticity, Löwenbräu – which Asahi produces under license in Japan – will also be sold, and there'll be the requisite yodeling and oompah music. But really: who, other than the thousands of sloshed office workers who'll doubtless head to the event, are they trying to kid?


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