Hub's Day: 50 percent off all drinks

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Hub's Day: 50 percent off all drinks

Make sure you've wiped the schedule clean for the remainder of the week; Hub is having a bender.

The faux-British pubs may not be everyone's favourite drinking hole, but when they're offering 50 percent off all drinks for the whole of August 2, who would care to complain? What's more, the campaign isn't restricted to the capital. While there are no less than 17 Hubs in Tokyo, there are plenty more in Osaka and Nagoya, and a scattering of other places, too.

That the ubiquitous chain was recently voted as one of Tokyo's best pick-up spots won't hurt business, either, though we'd like to see you wearing your sexy face after a day of cut price boozing. Things could get very messy indeed.

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