Janai Coffee

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  1. ジャナイ コーヒー
    Photo: Janai Coffee
  2. ジャナイ コーヒー
    Photo: Kit Kriewaldt
  3. ジャナイ コーヒー
    Photo: Kit Kriewaldt

Time Out says

Just your everyday coffee shop...or is it? Unlike other speakeasies, accessing Janai Coffee isn’t as simple as locating a secret passageway. Getting a seat at this coffee cocktail speciality bar requires a reservation, and making a reservation requires cracking the Janai Coffee website to access the secret booking site. We don’t want to spoil all the fun, so we’ll leave you with this tip: when on the Janai Coffee website, pay special attention to the shop logo and trace clockwise. (It’s easier on your phone.)  

If you’ve successfully made a reservation, head to the coffee shop, pull up the secret website on your phone and show the barista who will guide you to the hidden doorway. If you can’t prove you’ve deciphered the riddle on the website, the barista might deny there’s a bar hidden in the venue somewhere – they’re very dedicated to this well kept secret. 


2-3-13 Ebisu, Shibuya
Ebisu Station
Opening hours:
6pm-12midnight daily.
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