Kurand Sake Market Shibuya

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Nihonshu festival organisers Kurand have hit it big with their Sake Market chain of bars, which got its third link with the opening of this new branch along Shibuya's Dogenzaka in December 2015. The concept is the same as that employed in Ikebukuro and Asakusa: all customers are required to pay a ¥3,240 entrance fee in exchange for unlimited access to a selection of over 100 varieties of booze. The bottles sit in fridges around the counter, and you're allowed to browse freely, pick out any bottle and cup of your choice and pour drinks for yourself and your buddies. Bringing your own food is allowed, too.


Venue name: Kurand Sake Market Shibuya
Address: Matsumoto Bldg 3F, 2-9-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku

Opening hours: 5pm-11pm (last orders at 10pm)
Transport: Shibuya Station
Static map showing venue location