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  1. ラウンジ ダコタ
    ラウンジ ダコタ
  2. ラウンジ ダコタ
    ラウンジ ダコタ
  3. ラウンジ ダコタ
    ラウンジ ダコタ

Time Out says

For a taste of luxury far out west, Akishima's Forest Inn Showakan, a part of the Okura Hotels group, is one of the better choices. Above and beyond the rooms and restaurants, the main attraction here is the hotel lounge and its interesting night-time view: you'll be able to look straight beyond the Showa no Mori woods and into the USAF's Yokota Air Base, a hub of activity practically around the clock. The lounge is even decorated like a passenger airliner, adding some fun extra flavour to your plane-watching.


Forest Inn Showa-kan, 4017-3 Haijimacho, Akishima-shi
Akishima Station
Opening hours:
6pm-12midnight (L.O. 11.30pm)
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