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This folk music bar hosts live performances of the appealing Tsugaru shamisen, a traditional banjo-like instrument. It has the longest history of any folk music bar in Tokyo and has three performances a day by around ten professional shamisen players (or those aiming to be). It’s definitely worth seeing and hearing the happi coat-clad performers playing together, thus making it a popular place for overseas visitors to experience traditional Japanese culture. Oiwake is also known as the place where the Yoshida Brothers practiced before their debut. On the menu is izakaya-style grub such as sashimi, grilled meat and chanko nabe stew. This is one ‘live house’ where you can enjoy performances while sipping on sake and shochu.


Venue name: Oiwake
Address: 3-28-11 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku

Opening hours: 5.30pm-12midnight / closed Mon
Transport: Iriya Station (Hibiya line), exit 2
Static map showing venue location
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