Summer Special Shaved Ice Cocktails

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strings tokyo kakigori
strings tokyo kakigori
strings tokyo kakigori
strings tokyo kakigori

Not really into the sweet kinds of kakigori that are taking over Tokyo this summer? Then head for Shinagawa's Strings hotel, where adults-only versions of the shaved ice dessert are offered in the evenings throughout summer. You can choose from three kinds: Acai, Coriander and Tropical Basil, each one served with a very special kind of syrup. The Acai features acaí-flavoured ice and comes sprinkled with blueberries and banana, while the side syrup has been swapped for a caipirinha. The Coriander is an even more eclectic mixture: frozen yogurt, cucumber and – yes – beer to pour on top, and the Tropical Basil features both peach- and ginger-flavoured ice plus pineapple and hazelnut syrup, fresh fruit and a bloody mary on the side. All three sound perfect for cooling down in style after a hard day's work.


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