‘Super Cool Biz’ beer garden discount

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‘Super Cool Biz’ beer garden discount

NOTE: We've had multiple reports from readers saying that the Garden Cafe with Terrace Bar is refusing to honour this deal.

If you were thinking about getting a trim in time for summer, now might be a good time to do it. Shinagawa's Garden Cafe with Terrace Bar beer garden is offering a jaw-droppingly generous ‘Super Cool Biz’ discount during the first couple of weeks of July, though you'll have to be very close-cropped to qualify. If you've shaved your hair down to 3mm or less, you can get the garden's regular beer terrace deal – including tapas and two hours of all-you-can-drink booze (usual price ¥4,800) – for just ¥48. 48 yen! Honestly, it's enough to tempt a monk to fall off the wagon. Note that the offer is only available for people going during the beer garden's first session of the evening, from 5pm-7pm, and it's valid for a maximum of six shaven-headed drinkers (male or female) per group.

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