Yakushu Bar Sangenjaya

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Yakushu Bar Sangenjaya
Yakushu Bar Sangenjaya

Time Out says

Finding this spot is no mean feat – you’ll first need to navigate the winding streets of Sangenjaya’s Sankaku Chitai and then enter one of the triangular labyrinth’s most narrow alleys to come upon a small door with a green light on it – but the effort will be worth it. Yakushu Bar Sangenjaya, which celebrated a decade in business in 2016, is a six-seat, counter-only boozer specialising in herbal spirits flavoured with ginger, goji berries, lemongrass, lavender, broiled eel and much more. The drinks variously tout beauty, anti-fatigue and stamina benefits – tell the friendly bartender how you’re feeling and he’ll pick out a mixture to right your wrongs. If you like the experience, consider also checking out their branches in Koenji, Asakusa and further afield: there are now a total of 13 Yakushu Bars in Japan.



Address: 2-13-7 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku

Transport: Sangenjaya Station (Tokyu Denentoshi, Setagaya lines)
Opening hours: 7pm-5am daily

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