Zouni-ya Torii

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Time Out says

This zouni (a soup with mochi rice cakes in it) bar opened in December 2009. There are always two styles of the speciality on offer, either in the Higashi no Wan (‘Bowl of the East’) or the Nishi no Wan (‘Bowl of the West’) – both change monthly. Many different kinds of zouni are prepared, including Chiba-style with raw nori seaweed, Kyoto-style white miso with ebi-imo (a kind of tuber used in Kyoto cuisine) and Kyoto carrots, Niigata-style with salmon and salmon roe, Hiroshima-style with oysters and yellowtail, Kagawa-style with satoimo (taro) and umefu (plum wheat gluten bread) and Fukui-style made with red miso. There is also a selection of side dishes, as well as an abundant sake and shochu selection. The bar seats twelve, with a focus on counter seating. It’s not possible to make reservations, so we’d recommend that you phone to see if there's any space before you drop by.


1-3 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya-ku
Shibuya Station
Opening hours:
6pm-3am (until 12midnight Sun)
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