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Check out this Lego sushi restaurant


Many a child has spent years playing with the famed technicoloured plastic building blocks. Some grow up and believe that Lego can transcend that border between child and adult games, so they keep on building fantastical, or sometimes even realistic, buildings and settings. Dr Peisan is one such Lego fanatic, and he’s recently made internet waves with his amazing video of a Lego kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant.

Video? Yes, he’s managed to incorporate some moving elements as well, so the Lego sushi even get to do a proper merry-go-round.

On top of just the moving aspect, the sheer variety and detail he’s managed to pack into four 32x32 surfaces is mind-boggling. There’s a woman dressed in a kimono at the entrance taking names; a row of seats with people waiting for the next seat; and diners including salarymen, nutty scientists, samurai, aliens and a Mexican-inspired wrestler, all seated and enjoying sushi the size of their heads. There's even a guy in the back doing the dishes as a penalty for not being able to pay. There’s also a random TV crew – what exactly they’re doing is anyone’s guess, but it looks like one of those Japanese food review shows. And let’s not forget the rowdy-looking chefs, one of whom is blowtorching (flame-throwing?) a piece of fish. Seriously impressive. Check out some of our favourite close-ups below, or just watch the video on repeat: see if you can spot them all…

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– All images courtesy of Dr Peisan