Go night canoeing in the middle of Tokyo

Written by
Annemarie Luck

City living getting you down? You're not alone – according to our recent City Living Survey, plenty of you 'had a little cry' or 'got drunk enough to have a hangover' as a way of dealing with your stress. Here's a better idea: spend an evening canoeing your way down a calm river in Tokyo's Koto ward, with a rewarding view of the lit-up Skytree Tower.

We signed up for the experience with Zac, an outdoor sports club that hosts a variety of adventure activities, and welcomes all skill levels. If you're a beginner, the guides, Yukio Fukazawa and Masako Kurakazu, will explain the rules of the river and how to paddle, but take it from us, it's super easy – Kyu Naka river is manmade so there's no risk of being swept away by strong currents. You'll be given a lifejacket just in case, but there's not much chance of you falling in. The guides are Japanese but they speak enough English that you shouldn't have any problem understanding what to do. They also offers daytrips, which we'd recommend trying out during cherry blossom season.  

The tour costs ¥5,500 and lasts about one hour and 45 minutes, with a meeting time of 5.30pm just near to Higashi-Ojima Station. The website with details about what to bring is in Japanese, but basically you'll need: light footwear like Crocs, rain jacket, gloves, towel, change of clothes, copy of your health insurance card. To make a booking, send an email to info@zacsports.com. And start warming up those bicep muscles...

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