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Here's how to help out Kumamoto's earthquake survivors

Kumamoto Earthquake
Photo via Reuters

The Kumamoto earthquakes of April 14-16 and associated aftershocks have already claimed more than 40 lives and displaced around 100,000 people, most of whom are still seeking shelter. You can do your bit by donating necessities like water, towels, masks, milk and canned food at your local ward office or city hall. And if you'd rather help out monetarily, refer to the list below for crowd-funding projects and charities accepting donations online in English.

Association for Aid and Relief, Japan

Japanese Red Cross Society

Yahoo! Japan Emergency Fund




Save the Children

International Medical Corps

Meanwhile, the JNTO's English-language emergency website can be accessed here.



Adam B

Please, please, add Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) to the list.

2HJ are a wonderful organisation with extremely tight cost controls, no inflated CEO/staff salaries and absolutely trustworthy to ensure donations reach the intended beneficiaries.

No food and water, no life.

All major currencies accepted via