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The best of Japan in a four-minute video

In Japan - 2015 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

For those of you with the post-sakura and/or post-Golden Week blues, here's a little reminder of all the pretty things our lovely Japan has to offer. Directed by Vincent Urban, a New York- and Munich-based videographer filled with a lot of wanderlust, this four-minute extravaganza captures some of the highlights of the country, including Asakusa, Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera, Miyajima and, of course, good old Mount Fuji. Shot with a few different cameras and including a hyperlapse or five, the visual feast has raked up a cool 1.6 million views in little over a month – a level of attention that surprised even Vincent, who says he’s ‘used to the fuzz’ after shooting a few other travel films but didn't expect his work would be shared so widely.

Vincent and a few of his friends (Alex Schiller and Alex Tank, both of who filmed parts of In Japan) had been to Japan for a snowboarding trip before, but hadn’t made it out to any of the cities or greatest hits yet. Deciding it was time for a change, they hopped on a shinkansen and made their way from Kanto to Kansai and Chugoku in three short weeks. According to Vincent, they ran into few (if any) difficulties while shooting, with the hardest part being getting up very early in the morning to be able to document the sites without any other people in sight. ‘Tis a hard life indeed. The effort definitely paid off though, and also resulted in one of our videographer's more lasting memories:

I’ll never forget the morning when we got up at 4am and walked to the Hiroshima memorial site just before the sun was rising. We got a couple of shots while it was absolutely quiet and still dark. Just standing there in front of the [Atomic Bomb] dome was very impressive, quite a sublime feeling. And just when the sun came out, we saw the first commuters coming to the site and giving their prayers. That’ll be a lasting memory.

For more of Vincent Urban's work, check out his Vimeo or Facebook page.