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Two heartbroken Tokyoites share a waltzy moment of consolation in this music video

La Valse

When filmmakers Jeremy Rubier and Robin Mahieux heard the latest tune 'La Valse' by up-and-coming artist 'J.A.C.K', they loved it and wanted the world to love it as well. So they co-directed a music video, pro bono, with Mahieux flying from Paris to Tokyo just for the two-day shoot. The talented duo tell us the story of a brief encounter between two strangers, an old man who has lost his wife and a young woman who's had a quarrel with her douchey boyfriend. The unlikely couple share a touching moment of consolation as they happen on each other on a Tokyo overpass and spontaneously burst into dance. As Tokyo-based Rubier told us, in a twist of fate, the actor playing the old man had in fact lost his wife recently, which endows both his performance and the clip with a bittersweet sense of gravitas.