2000: Unit New Year's Party 2012

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2000: Unit New Year's Party 2012

After obscure New York avant-rockers Zs failed to draw the expected crowds at Unit's NYE party last year (heaven knows why), the club isn't leaving anything to chance this time around. Easily the most jam-packed jamboree you'll find in Tokyo on December 31, this 12-hour marathon boasts over a dozen acts in the main room alone, including turntable titan DJ Krush, Boredoms frontman Eye and Tha Blue Herb's DJ Dye. With house, techno, hip hop, dub and electronica all covered, there's something for pretty much everybody here – though don't expect anyone to stay on stage for long. Here's the complete lineup:

Altz, Aoki Takamasa, Combine, Doppel, DJ Dye, Eye, Toshiyuki Goto, DJ Hikaru, HiraLion, Kentaro Iwaki, Kacchi Nasty, Keita Magara, DJ Kensei, DJ Kimi, Kubota Takeshi, DJ Krush, Luvraw & BTB, Masa, Nichi with Sound System, Naoki Nishida aka O.O.C, Part2Style Sound, Punbee, Timothy Really, Rebel 7, Kenji Takimi, Ten, Timor, Yakenohara, DJ Yogurt