2013 Liquid

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2013 Liquid

Not one to mess with tradition, Liquidroom will be welcoming the start of 2013 in the company of the same DJs who played there last year, and the year before, and the year before that. Techno heavyweights Takkyu Ishino and Fumiya Tanaka oversee the festivities in the main room, with help from another veteran of Liquidroom's New Year bacchanales, DJ Nobu. Upstairs, meanwhile, there'll be a diverse range of DJs spinning in the Kata and Liquid Loft spaces - the latter continuing all the way until 6pm (yup, you read that right). Here's the complete lineup:

Liquidroom: Takkyu Ishino, Fumiya Tanaka, DJ Nobu
Liquid Loft: Moodman, Nori, Tasaka, Altz, Shhhhh, Kenji Takimi, Compuma, Kabuto, OMSB, Cypress Ueno & Robert Yoshino (live), Shinco, Gonno, Yazi, Sex Yamaguchi & Zen-La-Rock (live), Luvraw & BTB + Mr.Melody + Kashif + Hyuhyu Boy + Tanishq (live)
Kata: Wada, Hiroshi Kawanabe, Chris, Haruka, Ryosuke, Kuri, Kurusu