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In what we can only presume is a gambit aimed at university students enjoying the last dregs of the summer holidays, Tokyo's electro glitterati are holding a massive party at Ageha... on a Monday. There'll be some familiar faces at Asobinite!!!, among them Perfume producer and all-round superstar DJ Yasutaka Nakata, pop-electronica prodigy De De Mouse and banging electro duo Dexpistols. However, it's more notable for featuring a live performance by Tetsuya Komuro, the fallen idol of '90s J-pop, who was supposed to appear at the cancelled Freedommune fest earlier this month. Toquio Lequio Tequnos – a newish group featuring members of Beat Crusaders and Ryukudisko – are also playing, and there are literally dozens of others on the bill.

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