Battle Train Tokyo

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Battle Train Tokyo

Footwork is a hectic style of street dance that originated in Chicago in the late '90s but remained mostly unknown in other parts of the world until recently. Gaining momentum since 2010 or so, these flashy techniques and accompanying beats have been attracting some serious attention in the past few years and have gained a foothold in Japan as well. This 'battle tournament' sees top dancers from across the country duke it out for the championship, but anyone with quick feet and a feel for footwork beats can try their luck as well. Those less confident in their battling abilities will still do well to admire the amazing speed and agility of the performers. Check out the video below for an appetiser:

『Road 2 Battle Train Tokyo』
〜Final Round〜Re:9 vs Emi(Rudegirl3) vs akiocam(BootyTune)

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