Body & Soul Live in Tokyo


Danny Krivit, François K and Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell have acquired the aura of elder statesmen on the New York club scene – hardly surprising when you consider that the former two have been rocking the Big Apple's dancefloors since the 1970s. The trio started their Body & Soul parties in 1996, holding them on Sunday afternoons at the now-defunct Vinyl club in Lower Manhattan. They described the event as 'like a house party that got too big for someone's living room', although you'd have struggled to find a house party that drew such a wide-ranging crowd. Though it's no longer a regular concern, Body & Soul still rears its head from time to time: there's a 15th anniversary bash planned in New York on July 17, and the boys will be bringing the party to Japan a week later. Now into its third year, the outdoor Body & Soul Live in Tokyo is a strictly daytime-only event, starting at 11am and running until 8.30pm. Visuals come courtesy of New York lighting supremo Ariel.