Remember the glory days of Acid House? Nope, neither do we – back when the UK's bass bin innovators were building a Temporary Autonomous Zone of dance, we were listening to Michael Jackson's Bad album on repeat in our bedroom and practising our Moonwalk. Chances are most of the DJs spinning at 'Control' were also far too young to know what a rave was during the second Summer of Love, let alone actually go to one, but that shouldn't stop this being the most deliriously enjoyable party of the weekend. DJs include oh-so-nineties Japanese band The Brixton Academy – appearing in their Love Action disc jockey guise – Plasticzooms, Duck Rock, Mike Sunda, P.O.L. Style and Dan from Tokyo Dandy, and the musical policy is strictly Acid House and Madchester. There's no dress code for the night, but we'd recommend you opt for something garish. Oh, and don't forget the sun visor.

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