Japanation x House Nation

Japanation x House Nation

Japanese major label behemoth Avex has spent years trying to concoct the perfect blend of J-pop and club music. The experiments continue this weekend as it combines two of its dance music projects, Japanation and House Nation, with regular DJs from each event joined by some industry-veteran special guests. There'll be a live performance by Tetsuya Komuro, the former J-pop golden child whose success as a producer in the 1990s was replaced by the ignominy of being convicted for fraud in 2009. No time like the present for a comeback, eh? He's joined by one of his protegees, DJ Koo, the peroxide-haired leader of popular '90s J-pop group TRF – named after their creator, Mr. Tetsuya Komuro. Virtual pop group Genki Rockets are also pencilled in for a guest DJ slot (go figure that one out), with hordes of DJs, dancers and drag queens in support.

Event website: http://www.ageha.com
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