Kevin Saunderson In The House Release Party

Kevin Saunderson In The House Release Party

Note: Kevin Saunderson has cancelled his appearance at Air tonight, after a gig that he was due to play in Vietnam yesterday night fell through at the last minute. The party itself will go ahead as planned.

One of the most decorated figures from the early days of dance music, Kevin Saunderson helped create Detroit techno in the mid-1980s, then fused it with the sounds of the burgeoning Chicago house scene to devastatingly successful effect in Inner City. He's been straddling the two worlds ever since, and his recent contribution to the Defected In The House compilation series – Saunderson's most high-profile club mix in over a decade – devotes as much of its running time to techno as to the kind of music that you'd normally associated with which the Defected label. The original 'Belleville Three' member hits Tokyo with another Motor City man in tow: Underground Resistance member Gerald Mitchell, of Los Hermanos fame.

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