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You want some bells and whistles with that? The folks behind multimedia project Mixpedia aren't content merely with good music: they want to drag art, photography, SNS and Ustream into the mix. After firing their opening salvo back in February, with an exhibition at Impossible Project Space and a show at studio/micro-club Dommune, they're beefing up this month with a much larger party at Unit. The main selling point this time around is a 'special sound & visual set' by Uwe Schmidt, a.k.a. Atom™, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut and a few dozen other aliases. The German-born, Chile-based musician is as prolific as he is unpredictable: how the hell are you supposed to pigeonhole an artist whose oeuvre runs from abstract electronica to Latin cover versions of YMO and Kraftwerk? At any rate, he should find a suitable foil in guest DJ – and fellow Latin music aficionado – Towa Tei, while Yakenohara and Punpee will be spinning in the upstairs lounge.

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