Rainbow Disco Club

Rainbow Disco Club

NOTE: Rainbow Disco Club has been cancelled due to poor weather. The Rainbow Disco Club After Party will continue as planned tonight.

Waterside rave-up Rainbow Disco Club got off to a strong start in 2010, when the organisers managed to bring DJ Harvey back to Japan for the first time in nearly a decade, but last year's edition ended up getting cancelled in the wake of March 11. Undeterred, the party will be returning to Harumi Port Terminal this Golden Week for what the organisers describe as an 'epic journey backwards through time to the future of dance music' (huh?). Big-name guests this time include UK underground house star Jamie Jones, space disco voyager Prins Thomas and Detroit techno daddy Jeff Mills, who's appearing under his turntable megamix alter ego, The Wizard. Here's the complete lineup:

Ametsub, Atom TM, Bill Brewster, Cajak, Dixon, Dub-Russell + Akiko Taniguchi, Carlos Gibbs, Jamie Jones, Mathias Kaden, Koyas + Cartier Santos Sweet Lady, Shotaro Maeda, Omodaka, Open Reel Ensemble, The Samos, Sisi, Smily, DJ Sodeyama, Stereociti, Prins Thomas, Tobias, Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito, Uhnellys, Greg Wilson, The Wizard aka Jeff Mills, Naohiro Yako/Nyolfen/Notuv, DJ Yogurt

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