Sense of Wonder, 2011

Sense of Wonder, 2011

Sense of Wonder didn't get off to the most auspicious start. The first two editions of the art-and-music fest were held at a Yamanashi site that was plagued by bad weather, and a bugger to reach, too. After a brief hiatus, it reemerged last new with a new home – this time in Ibaraki. 2011 sees the fest introduce a new 'camp-in' option, meaning that pooped-out partiers can stay for the night. There isn't a whole lot uniting the various musicians on the lineup other than a vague desire to be different, meaning you can look forward to jam band Dachambo, tape deck manipulators Open Reel Ensemble, avant pop chanteuse Salyu x Salyu and post-hardcore veterans Eastern Youth, to name but a few. Installations by Candle June, D.H. Rosen and others lend some added visual flair to the proceedings.

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