Short Pants 1st Birthday Party

Short Pants 1st Birthday Party

Bikini nights aside, it's not often that you get into a club for less by wearing less. Here's hoping that the weather doesn't take a sudden turn for the worse on Saturday night, because it's a mere ¥1,000 on the door if you turn up to Short Pants in – you guessed it – short pants. Trump Room is a magnet for off-kilter nights like this, where 'all mix' doesn't even do justice to the eclecticism of the music selection, and half of the crowd are sporting fashions so outlandish you'd think you'd stumbled into a cosplay event. The lineup is positively rammed, with guest DJs including Bazz and Jommy from the Roc Trax electro stable, P.O.L. Style and Kido Yoji. This Is Panic, Mop of Head and The Future Ratio – a trio of brilliant band names, if ever we heard one – are performing live, and there's a scad of regular DJs, too. But, eh, we'd go for the eye candy as much as for the music.

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