26th Tokyo International Film Festival (2013)

26th Tokyo International Film Festival (2013)

It's all change at Tokyo's biggest cinematic shindig. When Tokyo International Film Festival returns to Roppongi Hills this October, it'll be with a new director, Yasushi Shiina, a new logo, and without its main sponsor, Toyota. Coming just a week after Korea's Busan International Film Festival, TIFF can sometimes feel – how should we say this? – a little underwhelming in comparison. Yet if the competition section tends to be low-wattage, there are always plenty of strong films lurking elsewhere in the lineup, some of which are unlikely ever to see a proper Japan release. And for Tokyo-based film buffs who don't have advanced-level Japanese reading skills, it's unmissable for another simple reason: it offers a rare opportunity to watch foreign-language films with English subtitles.

Competition entries are being taken until July 12. See the official website for details.

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