Alejandro Jodorowsky All-Nighter


Long confined to a netherworld of late-night screenings and bootleg videos, the films of Chilean auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky have only recently become widely available, thanks to a series of DVD and Blu-Ray reissues. Over two decades after he completed his last full-length film, the director is reportedly at work on an adaptation his autobiography, The Dance of Reality, though for now we'll have to make do with some of his earlier classics. This all-nighter should give your third eye a thorough squeegeeing, starting with surrealist western El Topo (1970) and moving on to acid-drenched religious allegory The Holy Mountain (1973) and hallucinatory horror Santa Sangre (1988). Note that the screenings are from Blu-Ray and DVCAM editions rather than celluloid print, and El Topo is in Spanish (though you probably wouldn't understand it anyway).

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