Bakuon Film Festival 2014 & The Last Baus

Bakuon Film Festival 2014 & The Last Baus

The 30-year history of Kichijoji's Baus Theater ends in May this year, but not before Tokyo's noisiest film festival returns for one final edition and five weeks of 'sound explosions'. The Bakuon Film Festival has a simple concept: whatever the film, it has to be loud, and it has to sound good. With towering speaker stacks lending an added whallop to each screening, it certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. Baus's final flourish also includes a special program of movies with a connection to either the theatre itself or to the neighbourhood of Kichijoji, and a post-closing 10 days of live events. Keep checking the official Bakuon website for the schedule and further details.

Baus-related films program April 26-May 15
Bakuon Film Festival April 26-May 31
Live House Baus June 1-10