German Film Festival: Horizonte

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『フクシマ・モナムール』© The Match Factory
『フクシマ・モナムール』© The Match Factory
『クリスマスの伝説ー4人の若き王子たち』© C-Films Deutschland, Sandra Müller
『クリスマスの伝説ー4人の若き王子たち』© C-Films Deutschland, Sandra Müller
ドイツ映 画祭2016 「HORIZONTE」

The local Goethe-Institut, Germany's official cultural outpost in Tokyo, joins hands with Roppongi's Toho Cinemas for this five-day look at the latest in quality German cinema. All seven films set to be screened have been released in the past two years, including The People vs. Fritz Bauer (2015), which tells the true story of the prosecutor who brought Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann to justice, and Theresa von Eltz's 4 Kings (2015), a moving drama about Christmas celebrations at a children's psychiatric hospital. Adding local flavour to the programme is Doris Dörrie's Greetings from Fukushima (2016), starring Kaori Momoi as an aging geisha in the aftermath of 3.11. The full programme – in Japanese only – can be viewed here.

Note that all films will be shown with Japanese subtitles only.


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