Guerrilla Cinema: 'Wastecooking'

"ゲリラシネマ3 「食べる」を救うロードムービー『0円キッチン』特別試写イベント  "

Time Out says

Ponder the serious issue of food waste with a brew in hand at the third edition of the Guerrilla Cinema series, which now moves to Aoyama for this Thursday-nighter. The flick to be screened is David Gross's new documentary Wastecooking, which explores what can be done to make better use of food – surely a pressing task, as up to half of all the food produced globally is thrown away. Japan is one of the worst culprits: every year, five to nine million tonnes of edible food is discarded in this country. In cold hard cash, that amounts to a whopping ¥111 trillion. Should be an informative one for every Tokyoite – especially when combined with a talk by the director after the screening.



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