Himalaya Film Festival Tokyo 2010

Himalaya Film Festival Tokyo 2010

The Himalaya International Film Festival will start on Friday November 19. The festival is aimed at fostering a better understanding of the Himalayan region, and its beauty, through a collection of outstanding documentaries from around the world. 21 films will be screened, including ‘Everest: A Climb for Peace,’ which documents an expedition to climb Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, and focuses in particular on the climbers from Israel and Palestine, whose nations have been at war for many, many years, as well as ‘Meltdown: In the Shadow of Nepal’s Lost Glaciers,’ which is an alarming report about the severe damage and fear that the effects of global warming are causing in the Himalayas, which have been described as the ‘Roof of the World.’

'Everest: A Climb for Peace'

'Forgotten Treasures'

'Bhutan - Taking the Middle Path to Happiness'