Jacques Tati Film Festival (Extension)

Jacques Tati Film Festival (Extension)

French filmmaker and actor Jacques Tati always knew how to crack a good-mannered joke, and his films have stood the test of time extremely well. This special program is your chance to revisit the comedy master's work through all six of his feature-length movies, all of them digitally remastered, as well as through several Tati-related short films.

Play Time (1967), Mon Oncle (1958), Trafic (1971), Parade (1974), Jour de Fête (1949), Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (1953).

※By popular demand, two extra weeks of screening will take place on Jun 21-Jul 4. Check website for final schedule.

Event phone: 03-5766-0116
Event website: http://www.jacquestati.net
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