Jean-Pierre Melville, Cinéaste du Noir

Film, Drama
ジャン=ピエール・メルヴィル『リスボン特急』の頃 ©1972 STUDIOCANAL
『恐るべき子供たち』(1950年)ニコル・ステファーヌとエドゥアール・デルミット ©Andre Dino
『いぬ』(1962年)撮影中のジャン=ピエール・メルヴィルとセルジュ・レジアニ ©Interpress

Remembering the great Jean-Pierre Melville, spiritual father of the French New Wave and master of the noir crime drama, the National Film Centre marks 100 years since the director's birth by showing off a huge trove of Melville-related materials. Put together by Olivier Bohler, the director of biographical 2008 documentary Code Name Melville, the exhibits include posters, press documents, photographs, set design sketches and much more. Shinjuku's Kadokawa Cinema is also putting on a seven-film Melville programme from November 11 to 17 – see the full details for that here, but note that all films will be screened with Japanese subtitles only.


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