Kenji Mizoguchi & Yasuzo Masumura Film Festival

Film, Drama
Kenji Mizoguchi & Yasuzo Masumura Film Festival

Shinjuku's Kadokawa Cinema rolls out a tasty classics programme for winter, featuring filmmaking titans Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasuzo Masumura – and more specifically, flicks by the duo that focus on women as protagonists. Mizoguchi highlights include epoch-making ghost story Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) and brothel tale Street of Shame (1956), which was to become its director's last work, while the Masumura films range from debut piece Kisses (Kuchizuke, 1957) to 1967's Chijin no Ai, which is based on the renowned Junichiro Tanizaki novel known as 'Naomi' in English.

The full programme and schedule details (in Japanese only) can be viewed here.


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