Kon Ichikawa: The Act of Lights and Shadows

Film, Drama
市川崑映画祭 光と影の仕草
市川崑映画祭 光と影の仕草

Not as widely recognised as the likes of Kurosawa and Ozu, director Kon Ichikawa still deserves to be counted among the most influential figures of postwar Japanese cinema. Despite battling commercial and studio pressure for much of his career, the Fires on the Plain creator managed to come up with several masterpieces that challenged both the suffocating traditions of society and the ideals of 'new Japan' in the '50s. Marking 100 years since Ichikawa's birth, Shinjuku's Kadokawa Cinema now puts on this extensive retrospective highlighting a total of 27 films, including digitally remastered versions of Enjo (1958), Her Brother (1960) and An Actor's Revenge (1963). 

The full list of films is here.


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