Matthew Barney: 'Cremaster' Series Screening


Matthew Barney, 50, is sometimes described as the most important American artist of his generation. His sculptural, cinematic and performance works could be seen as portraying a civilisation in decline, but it's hard to ever really be sure about the San Francisco native's ultimate message – Barney has never been a particularly compromising artist. Cremaster is the overarching title for his five-movie, 400-minute long psychosexual, Wagnerian magnum opus. To give you some idea of its oddness, the name is taken from the gonadal muscle that raises or lowers the testicles depending on outside temperature. To add to the confusion he began with Cremaster 4 in 1994 and ended with number three in 2002. See the entire epic film by film over two days at Ebisu's Tokyo Photographic Art Museum – you'll probably walk out in awe and confusion afterwards.


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