Michael Haneke Programme

Film, Drama
ミヒャエル・ハネケ 特集上映

Never one to back away from the controversial or shocking, but also appreciated as an astute observer of many of today's most pressing social ills, Oscar-winning Austrian director Michael Haneke now gets a couple of weeks in the spotlight at Shibuya's Theatre Image Forum. This five-part programme is built around 2013 documentary Michael H - Profession: Director, which attempts to get under the skin of an auteur who's notoriously reluctant to help audiences interpret his multi-layered films. The other flicks to be screened here are The White Ribbon (2009), The Piano Teacher (2001), Benny's Video (1992) and Funny Games (1997). See the full programme here (in Japanese).

Please note that all films will be shown with Japanese subtitles only.


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