Midpark Champagne Lounge

ミッドパーク シャンパン ラウンジ by MOЁT & CHANDON
ミッドパーク シャンパン ラウンジ by MOЁT & CHANDON

Champagne is best served from a vending machine, right? That seems to be the motivation behind Midtown's September special, which sees the first-ever coin-operated Moët & Chandon dispenser in Japan set up on the lush lawn. You can also get some seasonal snacks to go with your mini-bottle of bubbly at all times, while three evenings will see open-air film screenings take place: Sex and the City 2 on September 4, the wildly extra-seasonal New Year's Eve on September 18, and Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby on September 25. You get ¥500 off the ticket price for these if you also buy one of the above-mentioned vending machine bottles.

Film screenings Sep 4, 18 & 25 from 7pm (open 6.30pm), ¥1,500.



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