Seijun Suzuki Retrospective

Film, Drama
Seijun Suzuki Retrospective

Look back at the roller coaster ride of a career enjoyed by cult filmmaker Seijun Suzuki, who passed away in February at the age of 93, with this two-week retrospective at the Shin-Bungeiza. Focusing particularly on the Tokyo Drifter and Branded to Kill director's early- and mid-career productions, the programme includes flicks such as vaguely surrealistic short drama Love Letter (1958), yakuza action blast Tattooed Life (1965), 'Taisho Roman' thriller Zigeunerweisen (1980) and 1991's Yumeji, a sensual, absurdist ghost story spun around the character and work of real-life painter and poet Takehisa Yumeji (1884-1934). An excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with some of Suzuki's more obscure work, the programme can be perused in more detailed form here (in Japanese only).


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