Silent Film Renaissance 2015

'Old Heidelberg' (1927)
'The Fighting Coward' (1924)
'Lazybones' (1925)

The National Film Centre's ambitious programmes highlighting classics of the silent era continue with this six-day special featuring live accompaniment and benshi narration for movies like Josef von Sternberg's The Last Command (1928) and The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927) by Ernst Lubitsch. Focusing on the German visionaries that took on Hollywood and built the foundation of silent cinema in the '20s, the programme includes a total of six movies, each screened twice (once with live accompaniment) during the event period (schedule here). The full list of films is below:

Harakiri (aka Madame Butterfly, 1919), The Fighting Coward (1924), He Who Gets Slapped (1924), Lazybones (1925), The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927), The Last Command (1928).

Note that screenings with live accompaniment cost ¥1,050 (¥840 for college and high school students, seniors; ¥600 for children aged 6-15).

1 person listening