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  1. ドシー 恵比寿
    画像提供:ドシー 恵比寿
  2. ドシー 恵比寿
    画像提供:ドシー 恵比寿
  3. ドシー 恵比寿
    画像提供:ドシー 恵比寿

Time Out says

Sauna and sleep are the two main features at this new design-driven hotel. While capsule hotels are common in Tokyo, °C has created a new, updated version featuring a clean, modern design inspired by Finnish sauna culture.

The hostel’s steam room is a standout among the city’s many sento (bathhouses). Here, you pour mint-scented water onto hot sauna rocks to create more humidity that will encourage sweating, before cooling down in one of the showers rooms, each of which is set to a different water temperature.


1-8-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Opening hours:
24 hours daily
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