Cocktail Collection 'Lovers' -The time for lovers

Cocktail Collection 'Lovers' -The time for lovers

Four bars in the Hotel New Otani Tokyo – Bar Capri, Sky Bar, The Bar and Kato’s Dining & Bar – are currently offering three special cocktails with the theme of Cocktail Collection 'Lovers' -The time for lovers. The three cocktails were the prize winners at the New Otani Hotels Cocktail Competition 2010, which was held on 27 August and had entries from 22 national and international hotels in the New Otani group. First place was taken by Flower Shower, which was created by the New Otani Hotel’s Kei Sato. It was created in the image of two lovers who completely understand each other. The pair are drawing closer together as they walk down a path with blooming flowers all around, and are wrapped up in the feeling of happiness showering down upon them. It’s a citrusy cocktail made with nigori yuzu-shu, lemongrass, and Ribbon Yuzu Hachimitsu Syrup. In second place was Karen - Flavour of Love, which embodies the beginnings of a new love on a moonlit night. The final cocktail is Pure, My Love, which took third prize and symbolizes the feelings of someone who wants to stay pure in the eyes of their special someone. Why not sample these romantic cocktails with someone you would like a deeper understanding of?

Flower Shower ¥1,500

Karen - Flavour of Love ¥1,500

Pure, My Love ¥1,500

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