Hotel Fukusen

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Hotel Fukusen

Cheap hotels in Tokyo, especially those classed as 'business hotels', are often 'western-style' affairs with barely enough room to swing a salaryman. Fukusen takes it up a notch by offering the traditional Japanese washitsu, complete with kotatsu tables, roll-out futons and, er, wireless internet. That it does all this for as little as ¥2,850 a night is impressive indeed.

Guests should note that the bathroom is communal (women 5pm-8pm, 11pm-midnight; men 8pm-11pm), so foreigners with a thing about getting naked in front of strangers will have to grin and bare it. Give it a try, though – the feeling of a fresh yukata on a freshly scrubbed body is like nothing else on earth.


Venue name: Hotel Fukusen
Address: 5-33-19 Minami-Senju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

Transport: Minami-Senju Station (Joban, Hibiya lines)
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