Westin Sleep Well Escape


Feeling a little stressed at the onset of spring? The obvious choice would be to head for one of the city's luxury hotels for a spa treatment or some afternoon tea, but both your body and mind might be better served by this 'restorative sleep' offering at the Westin Tokyo in Ebisu. Held on the occasion of World Sleep Day (March 18), the hotel offers a one-night special for health enthusiasts. Including lessons with professional yoga instructor Waka Nozawa, the Sleep Well Escape starts with an exclusive buffet dinner at 7pm, followed by the aforementioned yoga class. Guests get to sleep in Deluxe rooms equipped with the hotel's original 'Heavenly Bed' linen, while the deal also covers a buffet breakfast and morning yoga. You're even allowed to take the room pillows home – no smuggling required. An evening-only plan is also available.


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